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La verdad es que el tema de la GRATITUD se ha vuelto recurrente en mis reflexiones de inicio de año nuevo. Hace poco leía lo que escribí el año pasado y lo podría suscribir con apenas algunas enmiendas (las referidas al deterioro de la situación de Venezuela que lamentablemente ha llegado a niveles insospechados, tanto en lo económico como lo político y social para convertirse en una crisis humanitaria de proporciones descomunales). Seguramente los venezolanos tanto como los sirios, los iraníes, los subsaharianos, entre otros estén agradecidos por lo poco o mucho que tengan pero aspiran a lograr cambios, libertad, progreso…  Hay agradecimiento también por lo alcanzado durante todo el recorrido del año que ha finalizado, por los momentos compartidos, por los atardeceres contemplados.

Sin embargo, en estos días conversaba con una amiga a propósito de la gratitud sin conformismo porque ella apuntaba que pareciera que al abrigar agradecimiento en nuestros corazones tenemos que resignarnos o conformarnos con lo que hemos alcanzado, o que se es demasiado ambicioso si se aspira a más, habiendo tantas carencias en el mundo. Coincidíamos en que se puede agradecer y al mismo tiempo aspirar a progresar, es humano, es natural. Un agua que corre viva es saludable, no la estancada.

La gratitud comienza por honrar la vida con la conciencia del precioso regalo que implica; y cada quien puede ir enumerando las miles de bendiciones que tenemos en nuestras vidas si se toma conciencia de las pequeñas cosas que muchas veces pasan desapercibidas y sin embargo son tan importantes… Esenciales en realidad. De allí que Louie Schwartzberg en su magnifico vídeo se refiera a la gratitud como La felicidad revelada. No obstante, ese  agradecimiento es en realidad el primer peldaño para avanzar en nuestras metas o aspiraciones.

Lo más duro es dar gracias por los retos, las caídas, los errores, los fracasos, los duelos… Pero igualmente necesario buscar iluminar nuestras vidas con la luz de la gratitud para movernos hacia la superación de las lecciones y poder así emprender un sendero que nos ofrezca otras perspectivas. Cada aspiración, cada sueño es una estrella que brilla en nuestro cielo personal y si logramos atravesar el miedo, las dudas, si confiamos en la bondad de la vida podemos alcanzar cada una de ellas. Si en algunos casos parece más complejo no deja de ser necesario abrigar la esperanza de que así sea.

La imagen es una pintura de Melina del Mar “Gratitud”


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Passing through the undulating slopes of Tafira Alta, a residential area in the center of the island of Gran Canarias, you cannot imagine that one of these spacious colonial-style houses -with a large garden that invites serenity- in fact concentrates a powerful passion flow roaring from dawn. This is the Canarias Basketball Academy. There, youngsters coming from the most diverse corners of the world are willing to transform their dreams into reality: to become outstanding basketball players. Adrian, our son, has been attending the academy for just 6 months; and went back home for Christmas. But we met guys who have been there for two to three years without having the opportunity to visit their families so often since they are far away from their countries. Whilst few others have the blessing of being able to see their relatives every week because they live on the Island.

casa CBAHard work, discipline, perseverance and good guidance seem to be the infallible formula to overcome all challenges and improving sport performance. At least, this is the approach of Rob Orellana, a former player of the United States university league (NCAA) and former coach at international level who stablished this high-performance basketball center on the Canary Islands. The first time I heard of the academy was through the TV program Robinson Report which Adrian, our son, used to watch constantly, as in his veins flows basketball instead of blood. Basketball has constituted his passion for more than eight years now. Actually, people wonder why, because he is not that tall. However, he takes advantage of other important skills for his position which he has developed doing gymnastics and playing soccer since he was 4 (speed, peripheral gaze, high jumps and agility in his movements). Anyhow, he is aware that he still needs to improve a lot. And looking for options to achieve such a goal he discovered the CBA. Then he met the team personally at one of the national basketball competitions and he knew exactly where he wanted to go. Participating in the CBA summer camp in 2015 did confirm his suspicion.

Campus de verano CBA2015

And there he is! Sharing bedroom with Toño (a Mexican two meters tall and with a ton of sweetness in his eyes!) like the brother he always wanted to have. And sharing also with all others for whose stories and traditions he is interested: Sven, Luis, Maodo, Roger, Azael, Quique, Marcel, Yoram, Samu, Haarry, Edu, Kjell, and so on. We were not only introduced to them gradually (their names were already familiar by the stories and photos that Adrian had shared with us) but we had the opportunity of talking to some of them, asking about their experiences of being in the academy, longings, challenges, aspirations… And we observed happiness in their eyes due to the fact of being able to pursue their passion. We also appreciated a good cheer among them. This multicultural environment is just perfect for Adrian as he considers himself a citizen of the world. He was born in Venezuela and his life has elapsed between Belgium, Denmark and four different communities of Spain. But beyond the cultural richness multiculturalism gives, I think those comradely relations are a fundamental asset for the boys, because the fact remains that they have chosen a sacrificial life path and, in the absence of their relatives, they support each other a lot.

The CBA family cheering the team at the Sunday 13th, 2016 match.

The great discipline and commitment that those youngsters demonstrate is admirable. They have leaved the comfort of their homes to assume an intense and demanding regime. However, they seem to be happy. As I mentioned, I guess it is so because they are doing what they like most. In addition, they are weaving fraternities with streams of solidarity and empathy, jumping over cultures and languages and becoming a big family. I love how the short film Dodo captures the essence of these guys live. In just a minute and a half it shows the meaning of their consecration.

Panoramica entrenamientoTraining. March 11th, 2016.

Besides the sport-related demands, they have the responsibility of their studies. These boys devote a few hours every day to attend school and do home-works, write essays, prepare for exams, etc. Fortunately they have the support of two tutors doing a commendable job. The one dealing with Spanish speaking schools is Ana Rosas, a charming and super well prepared girl: she´s got a Degree in Education, another one in Marketing and Public Relations, and she is also a Journalist. As if that was not enough she has also been a basketball player. With such a professional profile she is the ideal person for the job. It is very difficult to express in words our deep gratitude, both for the academic support to the boys as well as for her kind attention with us. She did not only took us to the Institute to meet some of the teachers but also shared information and insights relevant for us as parents.

We were delighted that in a few days we could even talk to Rob himself and to some of the coaches, each of them with professional backgrounds and breathtaking experiences. It was fantastic watching them in action during trainings and matches, striving to develop the talents of each of the players. It was also great to meet the rest of the team of professionals MensajeCBAtaking care of crucial aspects for achieving the objectives of the institution such as  logistics and the administrative areas. An example was to personally meeting Arancha, with whom I have had long telephone conversations since the beginning of this dream. We greeted the ladies responsible for dealing with the essential kitchen, Conchi and Mari; and Manolito, who is a character. The kids show him great appreciation, for his kindness and good heart. Nevertheless, we missed to meet others, for example, the physiotherapist or Gerard Damià Soria, who was initially our interlocutor in his capacity as Recruiter.

The parents of Adrian´s teammates who live in Gran Canarias deserve a special mention. Thanks to Arancha´s initiative to create a WhatsApp group we had begun to have first contacts with them interacting a little more during matches, learning a bit about the boys evolution, and, of course, to delight with “the Danilo´s magic”. Danilo does not only messes with his whole soul into the game from the stands, but also reports matches in a unique way: each basket, free throws, foul shots, triples, some special moves, and even the mood of the players or the arbitral performance. The fact that the team had two matches this weekend gave us the opportunity to see the team and Danilo in action, although our conversations distracted him a bit! This visit allowed us to establish a closer relationship with the parents. The friendliness of the islanders is well known but we are nevertheless infinitely grateful to Esther, Tere, Danilo and Antonio (who is also assistant coach of the team). While sharing with them during sunday lunch, in the middle of that cordiality and good humor with which we were introduced to the Canary culinary culture, I felt I knew them for a long time… It might have been the spirit of my Tenerife ancestors…

We did not have much time to enjoy the scenery of the island or its culture, just a short walk through the historic center and a short stroll along the beach to watch the sunset, but it was great to have the opportunity to wander among nationalities (I think there are over 70 boys from 35 countries) characters and different yearnings, but all of them, however, sharing the same dream: to unleash their passion for basketball with discipline and determination. Persevering to become better sportsmen, and along the way, becoming a better person, mature and responsible. My admiration for those youngsters who at such an early age have clarity regarding their life path and dare to go out of the comfort-zone to have an unforgettable experience with the expectation of achieving success as professional basketball players.

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En esta fecha en la cual tantas cosas se han escrito sobre la Tierra, los diversos aspectos que abarca la crisis ambiental, el altísimo costo que tiene adaptarnos a los cambios que estamos ocasionando al clima e incluso del costo de no hacer nada (que es otra opción), etc; yo quisiera compartir una entrevista que le hicieron el año pasado a la Abuela Margarita porque creo que en palabras muy simples ella transmite parte de esa sabiduría ancestral que radica en tener conciencia del vínculo que tenemos con nuestra madre tierra, de la que recibimos tantos servicios y recursos; del espíritu de gratitud cuando nos pide honrarla y del rol de la mujer en este contexto. Palabras sencillas para un mensaje claro y trascendente que pueden quizás ser más adecuadas que una disertación sobre las similitudes entre la invisibilidad de la mujer y la naturaleza, las diversas perspectivas dentro del ecofeminismo o el inmenso poder interior que puede recuperar la mujer reconectándose con su propia naturaleza. ¡Tenemos tanto que aprender!

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QUERIDO HOMBRE/QUERIDA MUJER: un hermoso reconocimiento mutuo

Hoy quisiera simplemente compartir dos hermosos testimonios que demuestran que estamos dando pasos acertados en el proceso de revalorización mutua entre masculino y femenino, y la manera como nos relacionamos, un requisito esencial de la igualdad de género y por ende de la armonía de cada familia, de cada pareja, de cada hombre y de cada mujer, sea cual sea su rol en la sociedad.

El primero es un gesto trascendental de Gay Hendricks, Arjuna Ardagh y un grupo de hombres de diversas partes del mundo, distintas edades y razas (que por cierto no son actores) quienes a través del vídeo Dear Woman (Querida Mujer)  se disculpan por todos los errores que incluso sus ancestros han cometido contra la mujer, y que han conducido a la subestimación de las cualidades femeninas, a abusos, malos tratos y desigualdad. Los parlamentos están basados en el Manifiesto de hombres conscientes  un documento co-creado como dicen sus autores, contando con contribuciones de muchos otros hombres e incluso las sugerencias de algunas mujeres. Es justo reconocer que existen otros tantos anónimos representantes del género masculino a quienes honra un trato digno a las mujeres y que también admiten los desequilibrios que han existido y siguen existiendo en muchas partes del mundo, e incluso en nuestros subconscientes.

En respuesta a ese paso al frente, un grupo de mujeres en los Estados Unidos respondió con una declaración similar, Dear Man, y más recientemente un grupo de mujeres venezolanas produjo Querido Hombre, un mensaje desde el corazón en el que se asume una actitud de corresponsabilidad sumamente liberadora, con la disposición de rectificar nuestros propios errores. Pedir perdón es un gesto que nos honra y nos libera, pero tener la disposición para rectificar nos brinda la posibilidad de cambiar los resultados. A mi me resulta una señal esperanzadora. 

Una ejecución muy emotiva! The Piano Guys en vivo en el Red Butte Garden – Beethoven’s 5 Secrets

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Me encanta el trabajo de estos chicos, su innovación permanente en la forma de presentarnos obras conocidas, en un formato novedoso, fresco. Hacen gala de una combinación de talento, pasión, entrega, conocimiento, habilidades cultivadas, trabajo en equipo, creatividad, conexión, sensibilidad y tantas otras cosas…con un resultado extraordinario y emotivo. ¡Absolutamente inspirador!

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Música, creatividad y reciclaje.

Hoy sólo quiero dejarles disfrutar de este vídeo sobre la Orquesta de Cataura, una iniciativa maravillosa que ha permitido conjugar la pasión de estos chicos por la música con una utilización creativa de los desechos.  Pero más allá de ello, los valores que se transmiten en este proyecto. Me encantaría que les inspirase y que pudiéramos contribuir a emular  o promover estas acciones positivas para el ambiente, para la sociedad y para el alma.

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Cambio, Renovación, Reinvención.

El presente contexto hace necesario que nos adaptemos al cambio y en general que cambiemos nosotros mismos para adaptarnos a las nuevas circunstancias, que nos reinventemos. Está llegando la primavera, época de renovación, de transformación, de  florecimiento.  Es bueno recordar el conocido proceso de cambio del águila. Requiere sopesar nuestras habilidades, destrezas, debilidades, oportunidades,…para entonces definir lo que necesitamos mejorar,  cambiar o tal vez soltar…